[Design Indaba 2012] Andrew Shoben on how a ‘design capital’ should view public art

Andrew Shoben makes art in public spaces. His artists’ collective Greyworld has become known for creating artwork in mostly urban spaces that resonates with many rather than an ‘arty’ few.
[Design Indaba 2012] Andrew Shoben on how a ‘design capital’ should view public art
So they famously tuned sets of street railings in cities around Europe so that when you ran a stick along them they played “The Girl from Ipanema”.

More recently, they created a public art installation for the launch of the Nokia N8 at Nokia World that allowed you to “splash” digital content onto a wall of LED lights using an app on the phone. Earlier this year, a large ‘ball of light’ become a ‘sun’ over London’s Trafalgar Square to give ‘Londoners a brighter start’ to an otherwise cold, dark and dreary Monday morning. The sun was commissioned by Tropicana fruit juice.

Shoben, a professor of public art at Goldsmiths University, was a guest speaker at the Design Indaba 2012 conference, currently taking place

BizcommunityWhat does public art contribute to city environments?
Andrew Shoben: Good public art creates several positive outcomes – a sense of place, and identity for an area and a local audience. It also creates thoughts – discussion, both positive and negative in areas of cities where often things can seem impersonal and distant. And, in Greyworld’s work, it creates an opportunity to play and to create.

BizcommunityHave most city administrations come around to its benefits or do you still experience resistance from time to time?
Shoben: City administrations appreciate the effect that good art can have. The problem is usually who chooses good art? There’s a lot of easy, anonymous, lowest common denominator bland work being commissioned. Shame.

BizcommunityHow would you measure the effectiveness of a public art installation?
Shoben: Well, there are the usual methods of polling and interviewing, media interest and suchlike. I like to sit and watch the audience as they interact with our installations. You quickly get an idea of how engaged or otherwise people are with your work.

BizcommunityWhy is so little public art installations taking place in more informal urban environments where most city dwellers now live?
Shoben: Those areas have always been Greyworld’s zones of preference. But you’re right, the town square, and the office forecourt are the kinds of “prestige” areas that have become the de facto place of art.

BizcommunityIn Cape Town, Coca-Cola has had a hugely successful public art initiative in the form of Cratefan – a ‘statue’, built with red Coke crates. To what extent is corporations becoming involved in public art and what do they need to keep in mind when they do?
Shoben: Corporations and wealthy individuals have always been involved in commissioning art. More and more, they have realised that they don’t need to paint a giant logo on it, or make it out of their product, for people to appreciate it, and find affection for the brand. “Sympathetic marketing”, a light touch, is much more suitable as consumers become even more savvy at recognising adverts.

BizcommunityCape Town is preparing for 2014 when it will take up the World Design Capital title. How much is public art a signal of a city’s design ‘health’ and what would you like a to see a ‘Design Capital’ do to stimulate public art?
Shoben: Public art certainly can reflect a city’s health – but it need not be confused with wealth. Public art doesn’t need to cost the earth; it needs to be well-thought-through, and relevant. The best way to do this is to involve the artists as early as possible in the process.

A Design Capital should think of art not just as a something placed in somewhere, but as a system – allow as many people as possible to interact, comment, create and even creatively destroy the city’s art elements.

All-terrain tyre mileage warranty a first for South Africa

The notion that you might get 80,000km of driving out of your tyres sounds like pure fiction, right? As for off-road tyres achieving that, well that’s bordering on science fiction. Or is it? Apparently not, because not only are Tiger Wheel & Tyre and Hankook offering an off-road tyre they say will reach 80,000km, but they’re taking it one step further and guaranteeing that it will.
The two companies announced their introduction of South Africa’s first mileage warranty on all-terrain tyres. The innovative warranty guarantees buyers that their all-terrain Hankook Dynapro AT-M RF10 tyres will reach 80,000km.

Says Ashley Cooper, Brand Executive of Hankook, “Drivers of all-terrain vehicles have long been asking for a tyre mileage warranty like those afforded to drivers of passenger vehicles and we’re pleased to be the first to offer just that.

“The challenge in getting a warranty like this to market was two-fold. Firstly, all-terrain tyres are subjected to far harsher demands than passenger tyres, so that requires superior construction, performance and durability of the tyre being warrantied. In the Hankook Dynapro AT-M RF10 tyre, we have the ultimate combination of these characteristics and a tyre that is up to the task. Secondly, it requires a partnership with a reputable retail partner and here we are fortunate to have Tiger Wheel & Tyre to fulfil this role.”

The warranty is straightforward and applies to the purchase of two or more Hankook Dynapro AT-M RF10 tyres in sizes 15 to 18 inch. Every 10 000km thereafter, the vehicle must be returned to Tiger Wheel & Tyre for tyre rotation, balancing and alignment checking. In addition, tyre pressure must be checked monthly and tyres inflated to the manufacturer’s specification.

In the event of the tyres not reaching the guaranteed 80,000 km, customers will receive credit towards a new or equivalent Hankook tyre of the same size. The compensation is based on a calculation against the mileage already used on the tyre and the usable tread life left, terms and conditions apply.

In addition to the peace-of-mind offered by the warranty, buyers stand to benefit from the superior performance of the tyres being warrantied. These premium all-terrain tyres for SUVs, 4x4s and bakkies, feature an innovative tread and sidewall design that offers the best grip and acceleration under all road conditions.

AAA student design wins Foodcorp Design Challenge 2012

On the opening day of the Design Indaba Expo, the Foodcorp Design Challenge 2012 announced its winning student entries. Challenged to engineer packaging, marketing and advertising concepts for local blue chip brands, Yum Yum Peanut Butter, Glenryck Pilchards, Ouma Rusks and Mageu Number 1, the first prize went to the AAA’s Tanya Reyneke.
AAA student design wins Foodcorp Design Challenge 2012
Reyneke is a second-year student at AAA School of Advertising. She won an Apple Mac laptop, R5000 plus R10 000 for her school, AAA (JHB), for her Yum Yum peanut butter packaging design.

Judged by Mike Schalit, co-founder of Net#work BBDO, Pepe Marais, executive creative director of Joe Public and graphic designer Richard Hart, co-owner of the design studio Disturbance, the competition finds the best design, based on originality, creativity, appeal and purchasing power. Students were asked to go beyond mere visuals to think about the brand’s overall packaging, marketing and advertising.

AAA student design wins Foodcorp Design Challenge 2012
Appealing and practical

One facet of her award-winning idea evolved the traditional bottle packaging into a clever squeeze-tube. Not only does this packaging concept make peanut butter an appealing and practical lunchbox snack, it makes the brand easy, fun and tactile for young children. It is also more hygienic as the design prevents breadcrumbs from getting into the product.

Reyneke also suggested making each branded peanut butter flavour a different character, ensuring that their products are easy to identify.

Marilyn Du Toit, AAA graphic design lecturer and Constance Smith, AAA copywriting lecturer selected the Yum Yum campaign for their students as they felt it best represented the principles covered in the second year curriculum.

“Practical solution”

Clive Loxton, creative faculty head from AAA comments, “It’s extraordinary for a second year student to win such an award at the Design Indaba. We’re extremely proud of her talent and dedicated work ethic.”

Pepe Marais selected Tanya as an outright winner during the first round, commenting, “Her idea is simply outstanding – being able to squeeze product from a tube is also a very practical solution.” Richard Hart described her idea as a “flash of brilliance” as it relied on the magic ingredient of creativity, “a simple, powerful idea.”

The second prize of R5000 went to Levi Tango from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology for Glenryck Pilchards redesign and the third prize of R2000 each, went to Inus Smuts and Leon Bester, also of CPUT, for Ouma Rusks ‘Whenever Forever’ advertising campaign.

Young Adult Medical Insurance – How To Get The Best Rate

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Short Term Major Medical Insurance – Where To Get The Best Rate

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Where to Get the Best Rate

Young Adult Medical Insurance – How To Get The Best Rate

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